GoPago App: The Walletless Future


Last month, Mobile Payments Today declared that “The Wallet is Doomed!” and with a survey conducted by PayPal, 86 percent of Americans would be willing to get rid of their wallets for a digital solution. Since we launched our killer app with mobile ordering and mobile payments, we have heard (via tweets, calls and emails) from our customers about the instant benefits: they explained that even if they leave their wallet at home they were still able to eat lunch because they’re protected by GoPago on their smartphones.

We decided to look deeper at the benefits of going walletless with a guest blog post by Krysta Gahagen, who is a San Francisco community manager and a mobile app enthusiast:

As I walk out of my apartment, I find myself reviewing this list: keys, phone, wallet – my three essentials. These days, however, having my wallet with me is becoming less of a priority. In fact, sometimes it’s more convenient to go walletless.

On a sunny Saturday morning this spring, I found myself walletless after going for a run with a friend who lives on the other side of town. Not wanting to carry my wallet for an entire run, I decided to leave it behind. I realized how hungry I was, as I was walking home, but I only had my phone, headphones, and keys with me. This was an incredibly discouraging realization for about half a block, but then I passed by a store that had a GoPago sticker in the window. At that moment, I remembered that I didn’t need to have cash or a card on hand – there was an app for that!

Sometimes, going walletless is less about necessity and more about convenience. There is a diner a few blocks from my apartment that is cash only, unless you have GoPago. While it’s nice to know that I can grab a quick bite to eat anytime without paying a fee at their ATM, I also have figured out the perfect timing for placing a GoPago order during my commute home from work – this is nice on an average day, but amazing if I’m running late. The guys at the diner love it because I can add a tip through the app, and I love being able to hop off my bus, skip the line, and have my food ready and waiting for me.

If I’m ever short on time (or just want to feel like a VIP by skipping the lines), I open the GoPago app and search for locations that are nearby. I can check out the menu and order before the restaurant is even within sight and have it ready and paid for upon my arrival. With in-app reviews and a map feature, I have used GoPago for restaurant discovery on more than one occasion. GoPago is the walletless future and that future is both convenient and delicious.

If you want to try going walletless, you can download our app for free through the App Store or Google Play.