Everything Your Cafeteria Needs

Quick Set Up

Getting started is simple. You can put together your all of your hardware in less than 15 minutes.

Easy to Use

The intuitive software interface is easy for employees to learn and requires only minimal training.

Faster Lines

Everyone saves time when diners use the free DoubleBeam mobile app to order and pay before they even enter the cafeteria.

More New Customers

Broadcast your cafeteria to potential patrons on their mobile phones.

More Returning Customers

Use the loyalty program to reward your best patrons with special discounts and encourage them to come back for another meal.

Better Reporting

Our back office management and reporting system allows you to track employee hours and identify your most popular menu items.

Why Do Businesses Love DoubleBeam?

“We’ve had tremendous success with it. We’ve gotten a lot of new clientele as a result of it. Lots of great advertising going in to it. New customers are coming to us every day, excited about the application, excited about our food. We’re just excited that we’re able to bring in new people and keep them after they find out about us.”


Ziggy's Burgers

“It has really done a lot in increasing our business. We’ve gotten some new clientele. The quality service is kind of unique in the way you can order your food, pay for it through your smartphone automatically, and by the time you arrive here your order is ready to go. It has really done well by us.”