Your Customers Demand Mobile Solutions

tablet text receipt

In the last few days both QSR Web and Fast Casual have posted articles about customers driving the need for restaurants to adopt mobile technologies.

The truth of the matter is that your customers are on their smartphones. In order to compete, you need to be where your customers are and that means you need to be on their phones. Having a website that can be browsed on mobile is not enough.

GoPago LIVE offers a one stop mobile solution.

First, you get the mobile storefront for every location broadcasted through the GoPago app. Our killer app is a free download that allows your customers to browse, order and pay for your goods and services from their smartphones.

Secondly, GoPago acts as a communication platform between the merchant and the customer. The customer can message the POS from their phone (like a text) asking for things like no tomatoes on their sandwich or substituting an item. The merchant has the ability to instantly respond. These quick message interactions are a game changer. No longer will the customer have to call, be placed on hold and wait to ask their simple question and get a quick reply back. An email, a tweet or a Facebook message isn’t  as convenient as responding via a tablet POS: the hub of your business. Furthermore, the merchants can access their community, those who have previously ordered and those who have viewed their mobile storefront, and push messages like “You brighten up our day! Come by and visit us soon.” The level of communication can be customized and enhanced with the ability to push dollar and percentage discounts. The parameters: the amount, percentage and or expiration date is easily set by the merchant allowing for complete loyalty and rewards control.

Lastly, to complete the transaction and communication transformation, through the GoPago LIVE tablet POS and the mPOS the merchant can ask the customers if they want their receipt printed or texted to them. Texting the receipt offers not only a “green” paperless process but the customer gets to have a digital copy in their information hub: their smartphone.

Moving to a smart tablet-based POS solution means integrating into your customer’s smartphone. Your customers will appreciate the advanced mobile solutions and your business will be more streamlined than you could ever imagine.