Robust POS Software with Features Your Business Needs

Never miss a sale and stay on top of reports to keep your business growing

Back Office Management & Reporting

See What’s Selling

Identify your most popular and profitable products at a glance or dive deep into your sales data

Track Employee Performance

Manage individual employees by clocking their hours and tracking their sales

Manage Your Menu

Easily create and modify your menu from anywhere and adjust prices with modifiers and specials




Cloud-Based POS

Being “cloud-based” means all of your point of sale data is served remotely from the Internet instead of being stored locally with the system.

Updates and revisions to traditional POS systems require changing each system locally. Using DoubleBeam allows you to remotely:

  • Accept orders
  • Edit your menu
  • Check Sales
  • Modify business information

The Android Advantage

DoubleBeam Cloud POS software runs on the Android operating system, not iOS, which differentiates us from most other tablet-based POS solutions. This enables us to deliver a more secure and reliable merchant experience than an iPad POS system can provide. All of the features below are only possible with Android.

Remote Troubleshooting

Android allows us to remotely diagnose and resolve issues so you don’t have to.

Automatic Updates

Your software stays up to date automatically so you never have to manually update.

App Integrations

We can remotely install third party apps such as DocuSign that you may need to run your business.

Proactive Monitoring

We remotely monitor the status of your tablet & peripherals and will immediately call you when we detect an issue.

POS Locking

You can keep your tablet locked in point of sale mode to ensure the system remains secure.


Android allows for a variety of hardware and software integrations to customize your system.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

The DoubleBeam Cloud mPOS has all the power of our tablet POS in your smartphone and extends beyond traditional brick and mortar with line-busting, delivery, and special event solutions.

  • An entire POS on a mobile handheld device to complete transactions away from the point of sale
  • Complete transactions on the floor or in line for faster throughput and improved customer service
  • Syncs with your tablet or other mPOS devices for menu, pricing, and sales information
  • mPOS sales data on any device or in the cloud
  • Modernize the sales experience by offering text and email receipts, or connect via Bluetooth to a wireless printer
  • Connect to the cloud via Wifi or upgrade to a 4G data plan

Customer Loyalty Program

Your customer loyalty program is built into each POS system, so you can start connecting with customers as soon as you’re up and running.

Features include:

  • Reward loyal customers with special offers such as “10% off on 10th visit”
  • Send messages to customers to encourage them to visit
  • Send special deals and discounts to groups or individuals
  • Track customer purchases and behavior

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