mPOS: Our Latest Disruptive Device For QSRs

mposWe will unveil our mPOS solution as the latest addition to our commerce in the cloud product suite at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show. The mPOS has all the power of GoPago LIVE’s tablet POS on a smartphone that enables line busting by pushing point of sale to the edge of brick and mortar restaurants.

“Traditional costs for mPOS solutions are over a thousand dollars and with technology changing so fast, hardware is obsolete in a year; hefty monthly maintenance costs have those solutions a non-starter,” said GoPago Founder and CEO Leo Rocco. “For a little over $1 a day (all in), a QSR can enable their employees with a smartphone to streamline the order taking and payment process. QSRs no longer have to run to the kitchen to communicate what they just wrote down on paper or be limited to a central POS station to accept payments. GoPago LIVE mPOS allows restaurants to turn tables over faster and provide responsive customer service.”

Our new mPOS will debut on the Nexus 4 with a card reader, rugged case and with our POS software already loaded for $49 a month. The mPOS offers flexible connectivity for merchants via WiFi with the option to upgrade to a 4G data plan. “Green” flexibility is offered when customers can choose to have their receipts texted or emailed and for merchants who desire, printed wirelessly via Bluetooth.

QSRs can especially benefit from this solution because the mPOS connects to a merchant’s personal commerce cloud with robust reporting across terminals and locations accessible on any device at any time. This POS on a smartphone allows for employees to complete transactions on the floor, tableside or anywhere in the line allowing for improved customer service and a more efficient transaction process.

We have already revolutionized an end to lines with our mobile payments application that is integrated into all GoPago LIVE POS systems and continue to offer the most powerful mobile payments app built into a tablet based POS system. The app allows customers to browse, order and pay for goods and services before they arrive. Merchants, again, get to streamline and control the entire ordering and transaction process by letting customers know when their order will be ready, assuring quality and order accuracy with advanced modifiers. GoPago LIVE is the first of its kind “Solution as a Service” that provides hardware, software and connectivity with proactive customer support.

We will be exhibiting GoPago LIVE and the new mPOS in booth #6278 at this week’s NRA conference in Chicago, IL. NRA Special: Sign up during the show, get one month free of GoPago LIVE or mPOS. ')}