Tim Lincecum Teams Up With GoPago to Give Away Free Lunch

If American economist Milton Friedman were still alive today it would be his 100th birthday and GoPago would have proved him wrong. Milton Friedman is credited for spreading the adage, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” and today we know that is just not the case.  We didn’t set out to make an economist turn in his grave when he should be blowing out ghost birthday candles, but something magical happens when you pair a star pitcher with an app that’s a hit.

In case you missed it, and weren’t one of Tim Lincecum’s 445,000 Facebook fans, we successfully teamed up with the Giants’ pitcher to give away over 30,000 free lunches on his behalf. Tim Lincecum reinforced how he truly cares about his fans, as we fed all those who are living in San Francisco and gave their thumbs to like him on Facebook.

What does 30,000 free lunches spreading like wildfire over the city of San Francisco look like? Picture this: Enough hummus to fill a swimming pool. So many burritos that the pinto bean is now on the endangered species list. So many french fries that we are seriously concerned about another potato famine and so many pigs in a blanket that we are running out of blankets.

We are sure that you are left with many questions, but first and foremost, how do you get yours? ‘Like’ Tim Lincecum’s page and see our special promo code that is effective till Aug 9th.  Also, like us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest promotions and partnerships.

At GoPago we are aiming to invent a new mobile economy, one based on a new set of rules. After all, with our app you pay with your phone: no cash, no wallet and no waiting in line like the rest of the suckers on the demand curve.