Why Every Tablet POS Needs to Come Loaded with a 4G Data Plan

Let’s face it, most brick and mortar businesses don’t have an IT department and most cannot afford the costs of hiring an IT specialist, although we all know how vital internet enabled systems are to running a successful business in today’s competitive world. In fact, it is so important that when POS systems go down, especially during the transaction process, they hit a businesses’ bottom line hard and fast. The problem is that WiFi is unreliable. How many times have you had to check your router or call your cable company during your busy hours? If you are lucky and patient enough to talk to someone after hours on hold, you still have to remember and have access to your username and password (which probably is the unchanged one your internet provider automatically registered you with) and then you still may need to set up an appointment for a technician to visit. All of this while you have a business to run and customers who do not like the inconvenience of paying in cash.

This whole process makes troubleshooting internet problems a nightmare.

At GoPago, we are well aware of this pain point and that is why we have partnered with Verizon, the nation’s premier 4G data provider, to bundle a 4G internet data plan with every GoPago LIVE system. As soon as you turn on your system, it’s ready to go. No need for internet configuration, no WiFi passwords to remember. As Leo Rocco, GoPago CEO and Founder is fond of saying, “It’s like that euphoric feeling when you were a kid and the present you got included batteries – simple, yet magical!”

There has been so much fear about what happens with cloud based POS when the Internet goes out that Mike Monocello in an article titled, Cloud POS Fails When The Internet Cuts Out: Fact Or Fiction? states, “I can safely say that the reputable ones have this figured out” and while it may be a scary notion, GoPago keeps you secure.

Mark Kelly, owner of Southwest Concessions and Kelly’s Deli said this about the Verizon 4G LTE data plan included in his GoPago LIVE units, “Verizon and GoPago are great! We’re a low tech business and GoPago has put us in a high tech competitive realm.”

When you upgrade your payment process to GoPago LIVE, an integrated tablet POS system, you get to accept payments now versus waiting to get the technology working. Gopago is all about simplicity. It just works. Plug it in. Turn it on. Start operating your business, process transactions and make money. As a business you will succeed when you focus on your core competencies, not managing the connection of your payment system. ')}