GoPago LIVE: Pioneering “Solution as a Service” in Commerce

Pictured above from left to right: David Herzog, VP of Partnerships and Alliances; Martina Plaza, Office Manager;  Leo Rocco, Founder & CEO; Kelsey Mitchell, Program Manager; and Steve Elefent, Chief Strategy Officer

A year ago yesterday, Tech Republic published an article about an emerging trend, Solution as a Service, which could take over the other SaaS (Software as a Service). The article pointed to this new trend as a “revolution in a revolution” and as something that “would start with traditional Internet-related problems (such as search or content distribution)” and later move to other verticals. While attending the Electronic Transaction Association Expo these last few days, it became evident that there is evolution from Software as a Service to a Solution as a Service approach in the payments space.

GoPago LIVE, our total commerce in the cloud product suite, is a comprehensive, bundled solution that stretches beyond software. It integrates all the hardware, software, and internet connectivity, while providing customer service that is both predictive for the merchant (eliminating system downtime) and proactive for future needs.

Leo Rocco, GoPago Founder and CEO, stated, “There’s a big idea of evolving the paradigm of ‘Software as a Service’ to ‘Solution as a Service.’ The solution includes hardware, software, 4G data connectivity and best in class customer service; that’s our package and I believe that’s where the industry needs to go.”

This change means that merchants will no longer have to invest large upfront licensing and maintenance fees for software from one company and pay additional large upfront costs in hardware from another company. An upfront licensing fee for POS software can run upwards of $900 with SaaS POS companies and hardware is an even more expensive capital expenditure.

This was a pain point that Leo Rocco heard echoed several times over the last few days, “During the ETA expo, I heard that merchants are upset at the fact that they have invested so much in their systems, just for it to be out of date in nine months.” Our system is future proofed, the software updates automatically (enabled by the Android platform) at no additional charge, and we provide the hardware updates equipping businesses with the latest, most innovative technology.

Another advantage of our Solution as a Service offering, is the idea of building in the cloud. Not only does GoPago LIVE offer commerce in the cloud that broadcasts a merchant’s products to a tablet POS, mPOS (mobile POS), smart phone for mobile ordering and e-commerce,  we will debut an open SDK platform this summer allowing talented third-party developers to build on our cloud platform and offer thousands of merchants an array of plug-in apps for different business needs.

GoPago future-proofs businesses by offering a true comprehensive solution, hardware and software as a service, with one fixed $99 monthly subscription fee. The removal of upfront costs allows merchants to more strategically allocate their financial resources and reduce their financial exposure, by not worrying about their system becoming obsolete.