Save Time and Stay Healthy in 2013

It’s a new year, your resolutions are still in effect and impending flu epidemics are looking to invade your body; we recommend you turn to healthy food and your handy dandy GoPago app. In San Francisco, the weather is demanding warm food, and the chicken n’ corn chili at Chili Up keeps you chill (in temperament, not temperature) and clocks in at under 300 calories. GoPago-ing from the Embarcadero location ensures that your chili will be hot, and you’ll be in and out fast, to enjoy more moments of the new year.

The iron bowl at Baladie Gourmet Cafe puts up an iron wall defense against any possible flus, viruses or unhealthy food. The bowl fills you up with hearty lentils, rice, spinach, caramelized onions and chicken. For an even healthier option, choose the vegan variety with either falafel or eggplant instead of chicken.

Any successful loser will tell you that they key to keeping off excess weight is to make room for some splurges. Eating healthy requires the occasional small reward. Prima Cafe knows this and they are offering a free 8 oz cup of frozen yogurt for the entire month of January with the purchase of any sandwich or salad ordered from GoPago. Try the arugula salad with wine poached pears. For the lowdown on Prima Cafe’s frozen yogurt, check out what one of our most prolific user has to say on her blog. Julie, of Julie’s Dining Club, claims it’s the best fro-yo in the entire city with flavors ranging from sea salt caramel pretzel to raspberry tart.

Happy new year, GoPago-ers, may it be delicious, nutritious and include no wasting (or waisting, ha!) time waiting in line! We would love to hear your healthy tips. Feel free to post below in our comment section, or share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.