Oakbrook Florists

Last week I asked all of our Facebook and Twitter fans to take advantage of the 50% off offer at Oakbrook Florists. By ‘take advantage’ I meant: buy me flowers. The whole day I sat around the office secretly waiting for someone to walk in with flowers so I could make all my coworkers jealous. It didn’t work — there were no flowers.

Since then, I’ve been contemplating ordering some flowers for myself … In the mirror, I’ve practiced the surprised face I would make when I first saw the flowers, as well as my answers when coworkers ask questions. Who are these from? Well, I don’t know. They have no note, maybe a secret admirer. What’s the occasion? Hmm, I think someone just really loves me. What? YOU got flowers? Who do you think you are? Ummm (I don’t really have an answer for the one. I should keep practicing).

Anyway, I could go on, but I will spare you. Since I don’t really want to get flowers for myself, I am putting out another call For flowers! It’s Wednesday and for the rest of the week, Oakbrook Florist is offering 50% off for an order of Designer’s Choice or Dozen Roses. I’ll take either.