Why More Tablet POS Systems should be on Android, not iPad POS

GoPago LIVE on Android Tablet pos
GoPago LIVE is NOT an iPad POS.

GoPago’s POS software is run on the Android operating system, not iOS, which differentiates us from virtually every other tablet-based POS in the market. We made this decision very deliberately; the Android platform enables GoPago to deliver the most secure multi-tasking solution possible.  Since the point of sale is the central nervous system of a business, it needs to provide the most reliable merchant experience possible.

A point-of-sale, like a central nervous system, benefits from continuous monitoring of health to guarantee a strong solution. An Android tablet enables system level access, allowing GoPago to remotely monitor uptime, automatically upgrade software, proactively troubleshoot and limit POS-only functionality. This hands-on approach is, for now, exclusive to GoPago LIVE and only possible on an Android point-of-sales system. iPad POS systems cannot directly and in real time, monitor the health of the POS or serve merchants to the same extent as GoPago LIVE, since the POS software is one of many apps on the iPad tablet.

Our Top 7 Reasons to Choose an Android POS System

1. Proactive and Remote Monitoring: GoPago monitors all of its POS units constantly, ensuring continuous merchant uptime and proactive customer support. Through our Control Center, we monitor everything from POS tablet battery life, components plugged-in, CPU and memory.  Our world-class customer support team calls merchants if the tablet’s battery is low, if they have a pending mobile order, or if the printer has a bad connection. Notifying our customers before they are aware of a problem sets GoPago LIVE apart: no one else has the ability to see this information and act on it!

2. Remote Troubleshoot: If a problem does occur, GoPago is able to look at detailed logs from our Control Center to diagnose problems and remotely solve many of them. Not to mention, we offer free 24/7 customer support and next business day hardware replacement guaranteeing our merchants uptime is maximized.

3. Automatic Software Updates:  GoPago updates its POS software every 2-3 weeks, and every GoPago LIVE unit receives those updates automatically. An iPad POS doesn’t allow automatic updates and requires merchants to check for updates and manually update it through Apple’s App Store. Our ability to push updates regularly to tablets in the field is invaluable to merchants; an update with an important feature shouldn’t have to wait until a merchant has a free minute. A truly smart system updates itself, fast, thereby ensuring 100% of the time, every merchant is running the most advanced solutions possible.

4. POS  Locking: Managing the usage of the tablet is very important to business owners – a tablet POS should only be usable as a point-of-sales system. GoPago locks the tablet so only GoPago LIVE POS software and white listed approved platform partners are accessible.

5. Remote Install of Third Party Apps: The future of cloud-based POS systems is in the ability for a POS to function as a total commerce platform. Third party apps that merchants need to run their business can be remotely installed/uninstalled onto GoPago LIVE units in the field. For example, an enterprise client can equip their salesforce with a preferred app, like  DocuSign, alongside GoPago LIVE ensuring they can accept payments with a signed contract. iPads have access to millions of apps, but because they cannot be hidden without the use of a third party device management application or remotely added, Android tablets give business owners far greater control.

6. Customizable Modules: Through the Control Center, GoPago can remotely turn on and turn off modules for GoPago LIVE. Every GoPago LIVE unit is integrated with GoPago’s Mobile Storefront, which allows merchants to accept mobile payments. A service-based business may not need this functionality so GoPago can disable this module with a click of a button and enable a solution for a service based business. These different modules, including the mobile storefront and recurring payments, can be added or removed at any time, making GoPago LIVE the most diversified POS solution. An iPad POS system would not be this easily (remotely) customizable.

7. Flexible and Reliable Components: The Android OS open source platform allows developers to write software enabling different hardware components, like credit card swipers and receipt printers, to work with the tablet.  Whereas iOS closed ecosystem forces developers to rely on specific APIs that can not be modified. As a result, iPad POS systems are limited in the components that can be offered to specific makes and models. Furthermore, Android tablets use of standard USB host drivers allows hardware components to connect over USB, while iPads do not and must rely on wifi or bluetooth connectivity.

GoPago LIVE isn’t an iPad POS because we believe future tablet based POS systems will deliver stronger solutions from the Android platform. Android allows for a maniacal focus on merchant uptime, the most proactive customer support and in our opinion provides the most technologically-advanced solution.

We hope that sharing our point of view and opinions will enable you to make a smarter choice about the solution that is best for your business. Have comments or questions? Please let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @GoPago! ')}