Need a haircut?

Do you think Lee Redmond‘s manicurist let’s her just stroll in for an unscheduled appointment? Does Xie Qiuping have to call her hair dresser’s receptionist to make an appointment when she wants a just ‘little’ trim? Well, I would love to give you all the answers, but I can only speculate — I don’t really know.

What I can tell you is how they should be scheduling their appointments. If she used Pago on her phone, Lee could easily find, schedule and pay for the nail appointment of choice. That way when her nails are wet, she doesn’t have to reach into her purse to grab her credit card (do you think she has to bring her own nail polish?). How many times do you think Xie has strained her neck from moving 15.5 feet–approximately 5 lbs–of hair so she can hear the phone call? The app would allow Xie to schedule her appointment for a trim without any struggle.

Tap a few buttons, go through a few screens, select some important information; the salon will send you a message confirming your appointment has been booked and you can check that task off your to-do list. Easy and simple — browse. order. pay.