GoPago LIVE’s Killer Mobile Payment and Ordering App

Mobile payments are estimated to hit one trillion dollars by 2015. Fortunately, we equip our merchants with the technology to accept this influx of capital. Each and every one of our GoPago LIVE point of sale systems comes integrated with the mobile storefront allowing merchants to receive both mobile orders and mobile payments from their customers’ smartphones.

The GoPago app, which has been downloaded by more than 100,000 people in San Francisco, allows customers to browse, order and pay from a merchant on their phone before they arrive at the location. This ability to save time and skip the line streamlines the whole transaction process for both merchants and for consumers.

Lou’s Cafe has been using the mobile storefront to broadcast their business to their customers’ iPhones and Androids for nearly a year. Through the implementation of the GoPago mobile app, Lou’s Cafe reports an average of 15 mobile orders per day. Employees say that GoPago saves them at least an hour a day because they get to spend less time answering the phones and managing the lunch rush lines.

Furthermore, the customers experience increased satisfaction and visit more often as a result of the efficiency. Nearly half of their GoPago users are repeat customers who “feel like VIP when they skip the line and are recognized by name” according to T.J., manager of Lou’s Cafe. Through the tablet Lou’s Cafe can message their customers and notify them what time their order will be ready, push rewards and discounts and send them special personalized messages. The operational improvement is so significant that T.J. has said, “If we could, we’d get rid of our phone and put everyone on GoPago.”

For the merchant, the mobile order pops up on their GoPago LIVE POS unit seamlessly and without any additional hardware. You don’t have to check your email on a computer, answer the phone, or, dare we say, wait for an order to come through via a fax machine!

Customers have also experienced the benefits of mobile ordering on GoPago because they can complete the whole process on one single streamlined mobile app in the palm of their hand. The time saved is beyond skipping the line, it is not having to check reviews, finding a menu, directions and/or phone number, arriving to wait in line, order, pull out wallet and wait for your order to be completed. With GoPago, reviews, menus, transaction and payment info are all in one place, no need to use multiple apps. Also, it allows the customer to manage their own time, they don’t have to arrive until they get a notification that their order is ready.

Through analysis and extensive one on one interviews with top GoPago customers we have found the two biggest benefits are time saving and convenience. Top users state that they save an average of 15 minutes on every transaction. More than 30% of these top users frequent more often as a result of the merchant using GoPago and 40% have used the app to try new merchants. One top GoPago user said, “I don’t have to call, wait, talk, wait to pay, pay, sign. Just tap-tap-tap-go-pick up-go.”

GoPago has changed the way merchants and consumers interact and transact with the integration of mobile ordering and a cloud-based POS. This kind of innovation will benefit merchants and consumers and together help mobile payments reach their tipping point. ')}