Melty March Madness with Blue Fog Market

Blue Fog Market on Polk St. recently started serving up some cheese melts until 3 in the morning and we’re teaming up with them and their Gough St. location to bring you the Melty March Madness bracket tournament.  We’ve set up a bracket to help you concoct your dream grilled cheese combination. For starters, you’re given aged cheddar and havarti cheese on grilled rustic white bread for $4.99 and then you could spiff it up with a plethora of different meat, veggie, spread options for a small additional price. With options ranging from flank steak to jalapeño to onion mayonaise to mango, your wildest dreams might become a reality.

From now until March Madness is over (April 8th), we’ll be asking you to cast your votes on our Facebook and Twitter pages for your preferred toppings until we have a winner from each bracket (2 different veggies, 1 meat, 1 spread).  Another way to vote is to just simply order a cheese melt for yourself through GoPago and whatever toppings you choose will also be counted as votes.

To sweeten things up, there are deals in it for you too.  Whenever a topping beats out its opponent, that winning topping will be discounted by 50% until we reach the final round of voting, which will determine the ultimate cheese melt.  Then the winning ultimate cheese melt combination will be featured exclusively on GoPago for only $5 +tax (you’re getting some tasty toppings for free) until the end of April.

Instead of having zero control over your favorite college basketball team’s outcome in March Madness, you’ve got the power in our Melty March Madness championship. Make sure to check our Facebook daily for bracket updates and deals! Make sure to also like Blue Fog Market on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for additional deals and updates.