Kris Jun: The Man Behind the Mural

The walls of our office got a major upgrade in mural form from one of our own. Kris Jun, UX and Visual Designer, lent his artistic talents to make our office feel more like a home, with all-star appearances from the GoPago family. JPMorgan Chase, Verizon Wireless, Bread and Cocoa, Sellers Markets, Freshii, Lou’s Cafe, Tropisueno, After Osha and many others can be spotted in our mural version of “I Spy.”

Kris provided some great personality to our white walls. He is an office favorite because of his animated expressions, wacky sound effects and the fact that if you say his first and last name together, it sounds a lot like a major religion. We set off to learn more about the man behind the mural, and wanted to share our findings with you.

GoPago: What was your inspiration?

Kris: Since our company is located in the city it seemed like the natural backdrop. If we were located in a desert, I’d draw that… with a cactus.

We understand you have a graphic novel in South Korea, care to tell us more?

One’s Mind would be the English translation.

What’s in One’s Mind?

The main character feels everything is a visual metaphor. He thinks of a sand watch and then thinks of the remnants left behind when time passes. He also thinks of a sandwich.

How did you feel at the unveiling of your masterpiece?

It was fantastic and I got the “GoPago Superman” award. The Superman shirt I received made it extra special and makes me feel proud of myself. Half of the illustration already appeared on the GoPago Hero t-shirt, but this was the whole image. Logan Foos (Lead Deployment Specialist) also told me that I killed it.

We are sure you heard of David Cho, the Facebook graffiti artist who is now worth hundreds of millions dollars, do you think you’ll end up like him?

Wow, that’s a really unexpected question. Why not? I guess it depends on how much Leo Rocco (Founder + CEO) thinks the mural is worth.