GoPago LIVE Launches: Free POS Tablets and Software for Mobile and In-Store Payments

We are extremely excited by this week’s announcement of GoPago LIVE -a tablet based POS system equipping brick-and-mortar merchants with the payment and business tools necessary to run a modern business. The reception by brick-and-mortar merchants nationwide has been overwhelmingly positive.  This marks a truly exciting time for brick-and-mortar merchants and GoPago.

Our CEO and founder Leo Rocco says, “We think GoPago LIVE will turn the payment industry on its head. This is so much more than POS. It’s a total solution for brick-and-mortar business owners. We’re redefining and re-setting the bar for modernizing business payments and loyalty programs.”

GoPago LIVE makes us the first payment-as-a-service (PAAS) provider to offer a 100% free service. We are so happy to offer our merchants a system that levels the playing field between industry giants and independent sole proprietorships. Our free plug-n-play solution delivers “your business in a box” with the tablet, tablet stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, credit card reader, software and 24/7 merchant support services with zero startup costs or monthly fees.

One of our merchants, Lucky Dogs, has already seen the difference and the results. Co-owner Aric Doo reports, “As a small business owner, my payment system is just a tool that helps me get through the day. I don’t want to worry about it, and it just needs to work. I tried a different tablet system, but it cost me $700 not including the iPad, and I had to hire my own tech guy. I’ll never go back. GoPago LIVE is easy, no money out of my pocket, and the 4G makes each transaction super fast.”

GoPago LIVE is a brand new system; compared to traditional POS enterprise systems costing up to $10,000 or other app-based systems requiring tablet purchase and monthly fees.

We’re thrilled to see the media, the business tech world and newly acquired merchants as excited as we are about GoPago LIVE and the transformation of payments.

Check out our media round-up on GoPago LIVE: