GoPago LIVE at the 2013 Innovator Awards

Innovations in the payment industry are so widespread right now that Leo Rocco, our CEO and Founder, compares it to the credit card revolution a half century ago. It’s exciting to be in the company with others like LevelUp, Leaf, PayPal and ShopKeep; together, with GoPago LIVE, we are revolutionizing how business and customers interact and transact.

Remember when we mentioned GoPago LIVE was nominated for the Best POS Transformation award at the 2013 Innovator Awards? Well, we took home the Bronze during the awards ceremony! is a real thought leader in this category who documents the revolution, facilitates discussions and just last week they brought together the biggest industry leaders for the Innovation Project 2013 and the Innovator Awards. Two of our innovators, Leo Rocco and David Herzog, VP of Partnerships and Alliances, attended the two day conference at Harvard University.

While at the conference they had lunch with Rosie Rios, Treasurer of the United States. If you aren’t familiar with her, check your dollar bills. Another key (pun always intended) person in attendance was James Goodfellow, the man who invented the PIN in 1968.

Some of the key learnings from the conference that we will take with us came from a panel with Don Kingsborough, VP of Retail and Prepaid Services for PayPal and Steve Levitt, author of Freakonomics.

Kingsborough shared that open platforms win and ubiquity requires multi-pronged approaches, partnerships and collaboration. We feel fortunate to have such strong partnerships with JPMorgan Chase and Verizon Wireless as we work to make GoPago LIVE the leading cloud-based POS solution.

The always thought-provoking economist, Steve Levitt, stated that people don’t change behavior unless you “trick” them into and cited 401k auto-enrollment as an example.

At the event, Al Gore remarked that he wouldn’t invest in a wallet factory and neither would we! The future is walletless and in the cloud and we are aiming to lead the way with the best POS! This inspiring conference invigorated our vision and ensures that we will continuously innovate and contribute to an industry that we are so passionate about.

For more about GoPago LIVE and how we, at GoPago, want to revolutionize the entire transaction process, please take a moment and listen to this podcast with and Leo Rocco. ')}