A Taste of New Orleans for Niners Fans

Our beloved San Francisco 49ers are mighty close to clinching it. So close we can taste New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII. We don’t wanna cast any bad voodoo or jinx it, but we did partner with Tim Lincecum and Vernon Davis. And, well, the San Francisco Giants became World Series Champions!

To get your mind off the big game and on to some great food, we recommend that you head to Queen’s Louisana Po-Boy Cafe in the backyard of the ‘Stick. They have oyster po-boys, fried chicken, beignets and everything else your N’Awlins heart desires. From now until the Super Bowl, they are offering some tight-end deals to GoPago user including: free drinks on all meals, a special Bourbon  St. Chicken Sandwich for $4.49 and a 2 Piece Dark Chicken Meal, with fries or colesaw and a drink for the magic number of $4.49.

Eat some real Louisiana flavor and let’s go 49ers!