49ers are on a Roll, Eat It!

In honor of the Super Bowl, we are celebrating the winning streak of our beloved 49ers with a collection of 49ers Rolls. We don’t know when or where the first 49ers Roll was served (Quora couldn’t help), but we do know that we like everything with the Niners namesake.

Each 49ers roll is slightly different but is brought together through a bundle of seaweed and rice and above all, salmon.  Whether it is accompanied by crab, lemon, or mint, our chopsticks are eager to pounce.

With 25 merchants on the GoPago network serving up these rolls of team pride yearlong, we are highlighting  five rolls that will be offered to you at a discounted price until Super Bowl Sunday, allowing you to save time, money and try as many rolls as possible.

Here is the team line-up: u-sushi, Tokyo Express (Sacramento, Mission and Stonestown locations), We Be Sushi (at 16th St.), Naked Fish and Sushi Rocks (Pine and Polk locations)